It is time for a little experiment.

After living abroad for five years, a big part of our new friends don’t understand a single word of Dutch, let alone be able to read my blog. Who can blame them ;-), there is no need for them to ever ever ever learn our – according to me – not so pretty language.
No worries, because we can all speak, read and understand English.
It’s incredible how universally spread this language is, and how easy it is to connect when there are at least no communication issues. Yes you Italians, better read and learn (if you can) ;-). This is also one of the big advantages of raising our girls in this expat life. They go to an international school, get an English education and will be able to express themselves all over the world. Except in Italy, where surprisingly even well educated people only speak and understand Italian.
Okay, I get it that when you think your country has everything you want: mare, montagne, with 55 sites 5% of the world’s Unesco heritage, great food, nice clothes and the most amazing wine, you’ll never have to set foot outside its boundaries. But if you, on top of that, also want to be number one in tourism and claim that you can provide the world’s best hospitality, then you should at least make a little effort to make yourselves understandable. In this globalized world, where everything is supposed to be within handreach, where people can travel wherever they want, it’s hard to understand that a well developed country as Italy scores so badly in foreign (and especially universally known) languages.
As you can tell, after 3,5 years living in the metropole of Milan, I’m very opinionated :-).
So, with the intention that all of our friends should be able read this blog and follow us virtually to every future destination, I give it a go to post from now on in English.

What do you think?
PS, I can’t promise that I won’t write any errors, please correct me if I make a fool out of myself 🙂

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