Destination nr. 7

Here we go again! After living in Fujairah for seven months, we translocate to another destination. We really like blue skies and sunshine all year long, sooooo we’re staying in the UAE (not that we have any choice, but hey, we’re definitely OK with the decision). The blistering heath and the djingel-djangel of the mosques are becoming the new normal for us. From April onwards, we’ll live in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the UAE. Really happy to move to a big city again, we missed the vibrant life of a metropole. The best thing? It’s a long-term project. Probably until somewhere in 2025, so for the next 4 years at least, we don’t need to worry about moving and can really settle in. Cheers to that!
We have two weeks left here in Fujairah before we take a long break of four/five weeks. After this endless summer, it will be so refreshing putting on long trousers, a jacket, hat an scarf to meet the cooler temperatures in Europe. In a record tempo we’ll have to (read: a moving company is going to) pack our things, have it stored in a warehouse in Abu Dhabi, prepare our bags (including ski gear, car seats and all of our winter clothes) and say goodbye to our very lovely South African friends (we’ll invite you for quality weekends in our new house @Angela)! Let’s do this!


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